tommigirl (thethinchik) wrote in hip_bones4life,

im new to live journal as of like 5 days agooo.
i wanted to find a supportive community where people really encourage eachother, and share similar goals and shizz =] yeh, i ended up in here!

my stats are:
height: 5'4
cw: 122
hw: 128ish
lw: 105
swg: 110
lwg: 100
anything about yourself: i have my formal & my birthday in september, so its going to be a pretty big & important month for me so i want to get thin and toned for then!!

Any good diets out there that you think would work? let me know, anyone planning to start something new tomorrow? i am willing to try anything! so let me know if youve got something that works or if youre trying something new and need a buddy! lol
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