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hi, im new, hope this works lol

heya im helen ive just started my livejournal 5 mins ago so anyone who wants to be my friend/give me tips, i welcome u with open arms!! my stats are below:

cw: 151
hw: 181
lw: 136
swg: 120
lwg: 100
anything about yourself: ive done weight watchers in the past and various things, but on 16th may 07 i kinda snapped, im a whale and i am going to do sumthin about it once and for all... im 20 this year and want to be perfect on my birthday, (in sep) plus im startin uni and dont wana be 'the fat one'...

i chose this community because ive been watchin various livejournals for a while and thought it would be great to be new in a new group if that makes sense and the person who made this one seems really cool :) anyhoo if anyone wants to be my buddy for weight loss or start a plan together, let me know, i struggled with 2468 as the 2 and 4 days were too much for me and i just binged!

sorry if this post is a mile long! x x x thanks for reading x x x
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